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    Philly Gives Biden The Lead In Presidential Election Race

    Cities like Philly, Atlanta, and Detriot may be the reason Joe Biden Wins The Presidential Election.

    Bad things happen in Philly, but today the city and others like Atlanta and Detriot are helping do good by giving Joe Biden the lead in the presidential election. Two days after election day and votes still being counted, the presidential election has been a drama.

    Donald Trump is still the president and will be at least until after the near year. However, it appears Joe Biden will be crowned victor of the 2020 presidential election. The race has been close thus far, and due to COVID-19, a lot different than the past.

    Mail-in voting has been the cause of much debate as early numbers showed Donald Trump with a lead in key states. The leads were so big that the president falsely claimed victory on Nov 3. Yet, the truth was that most votes in states such as PA, GA, and Mi had not been counted yet do to this year’s system.

    As Trump and his administration have seen his lead steadily dwindle as votes from big cities started getting added. Philly, Atlanta, Detriot, and other urban “crime-infested” areas as described by Trump may be the reason he loses this election.

    Supporters for Trump are calling for Audits of these cities.

    If Joe Biden wins he will become the oldest president elected and Kamala Harris will become the first woman and woman of color to be VP.

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