Philly Flyers GM, Ron Hextall, Joins the Back of the Unemployment Line

After a pretty terrible season, the Philadelphia Flyers have decided to part ways with Ron Hextall, general manager of the Philly team.

“It has become clear that we no longer share the same philosophical approach concerning the direction of the team,” Flyers President Paul Holmgren said. “In light of these differences, we feel it’s in the organization’s best interests to make a change, effective immediately. I have already begun a process to identify and select our next general manager, which we hope to complete as soon as possible.”

According to Holmgren, Hextall didn’t make the best decisions needed to carry the losing team into the NHL’s top standing teams, for the Metropolitan area. Currently, the Flyers are considered a “wild card” as they rest at the bottom of the Eastern division.

Hextall has been the team’s general manager since May 2014. During that time, he was unable to fix the teams ongoing struggle with goaltending. Many believe his approach to problems were not immediately effective. The Philly team are 10-11-2 on the season, and show a minus-13 goal differential.

Throughout the years, Hextall hasn’t been a complete waste of faith. Though they lost within the first round, he helped lead the team to the playoffs in the years 2016 and 2018.

His skill and forceful nature as a player, are a large part of what helped him land him a career within the franchise, outside the ice. Early in his career, Hextall was a NHL goaltender. He was hired as assistant manager in July 2013, and served as the director of hockey operations, before being promoted.

No one knows what lies in the future for Hextall. Maybe, he’ll find his way to a new team?


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