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    Philly Comedian “Meechie.Hoe” Shot and Killed

    Philadelphia Instagram comedian “Meechie.hoe215” was Killed in his hometown.

    Instagram fans of “Meechie Hoe” are mourning after the comedian was killed last night in Philadelphia. Meechie Hoe, aka Mr 1000 Jobs, was famous for his Viral pranks online.

    Fans have been pouring out their love and support for Meechie; even Philly own Meek Mill commented.

    Other Philly celebrities have also given condolences to the Meechie Hoe.


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    This a bad jawn! You was just in my stories laughing at shit a few hours ago wtf 🤦🏾‍♂️ @meechie.hoe215 ❤️🕊

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    Philadelphia is one of the too many inner cities in America that have a significant gun violence problem. Meechie Hoe’s murder is another reminder that no one is safe in these streets. That statement may be cliche, but it is true, there was a time when certain people were off-limits.

    Women, Children, older adults, and anyone who wasn’t about that life were safe from the ills of the street. Details haven’t come out about how Meechie was murdered, but he was known as a comedian. He’s the funny guy, as gillie said the “n***a that makes you laugh,” he should be good.

    However, the streets don’t have any rules anymore, and no one is safe. Interestingly enough, the world is watching as America is subtly attempting to sweep its racial problem under the rug. No longer do the headlines read “BLM” “Protest,” “George Floyd,” or Breonna Tayor.

    It’s back to the same old program about celebrity news and gossip.

    People who don’t see the connection between police brutality and inner-city gun violence don’t know the truth. America has set the value of a black man’s life at zero, the cops think it, neighborhood watchmen believe it, and so do black people.

    What do you guys think about Meechie Hoe’s murder?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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