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    Philadelphia Residents Are Demanding The Renaming Of Taney Street


    A petition has been started by neighbors to rename a residential street in Philadelphia, PA. Taney Street is named after Roger Taney who was a judge that ruled black people had no standing in court because they weren’t United States Citizens (even if they were free of slavery). This all took place during the Dred Scott v. Sanford case. Roger Taney played a roll in the case that showed the very racist side of him.


    This campaign has been organized by the community association Filter Square Neighbors. They believe the street should be changed to someone who has united the country rather than divide it. There was also a rally that took place in Markwand Park to spread awareness of the movement. 


    Across Philadelphia, statues, monuments, and murals are being reconsidered if they happen to honor a controversial figure. This includes the Rizzo statue that was recently taken down in Center City. Rizzo was mayor and police commissioner from 1967-1980. He was known for his poor treatment against black and gay people in Philadelphia. 


    Since the murder of George Floyd, citizens have been forced to ask themselves what they want their environment to look like. They consider what they wants their cities and neighborhoods to represent. It is crucial for people to evolve during this time. Renaming Taney Street is another important step for Philadelphia to take in order to no longer accept systemic racism.

    You can find the petition to rename Taney Street here:

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