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    Philadelphia DUB Tour 2020

    DUB Tour Comes To Philadelphia

    The DUB Tour is an event that has been going on for 20 years now. This is a great auto show. DUB Tour is not your typical auto show. There is a range of cool cars and motorcycles at this event. These cars feature some classic and clean looking paint jobs as well as some pretty creative designs.

    Philadelphia DUB Tour-1

    The DUB Tour hosts auto shows in 13 major cities across the United States each year. Some of the other cities besides Philadelphia include New York City, Chicago, and Atlantic City.

    Philadelphia DUB Tour 2020 Details

    The first DUB Tour show of this year is being held in Philadelphia and will be taking place from February 8th to the 17th. The DUB Tour Show will be held at the Philadelphia Auto Show. You can get tickets for the auto show online using this link.

    The auto show will be at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The Pennsylvania Convention Center’s address is 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. If this show is anything like last year’s event in Philadelphia it is sure to be a fun time.

    Philadelphia DUB Tour 2019

    As I said earlier in this article, the Philadelphia DUB Tour isn’t just your average auto show. Lil Uzi showed up to last year’s event in Philadelphia with his fleet of souped-up cars.

    Philadelphia DUB Tour-2
    One of Lil Uzi’s Cars From PHL DUB Tour 2019

    The Philadelphia DUB Tour 2019 featured several unique automobiles. Among the broad range of vehicles at the show, there were decked out Jeeps, trucks, 18-wheelers, and motorcycles.

    Final Thoughts

    If your interested in having a fun time in Philadelphia during the second week of February, then this event is the right place for you. Get ready to see a range of crazy looking cars.

    What do you guys think though?

    What are some cars that you hope to see at this show? And does this seem like something that you’d be interested in going to

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