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    76ers’ Ben Simmons Refuses Mental Help From Team Doctors

    The Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons refuses mental help from team doctors, per ESPN. The 76ers continue to become more frustrated with Simmons. The organization is fed up with Simmons’ refusal to accept the organization’s assistance to address his mental health and readiness to play. Although Simmons has been working with a team doctor for his lower back, he has been unwilling to cooperate with team doctors to address his mental readiness.

    This seems odd on the surface; however, Simmons has worked with mental health professionals, according to the NBA Players Association since the summer. Simmons has yet to provide details of those meetings to the team, per ESPN.

    Regularly, at the 76ers practice facility in Camden New Jersey, he has interacted numerous times with teammates and coaches in one-on-one scenarios. However, he hasn’t advanced to join or participate in full team activities. It is still unclear when or if Simmons will rejoin the team.

    The Philadelphia 76ers remain eager to help Simmons address his mental health readiness so that he can return and be an asset to the team. The frustration begins to brew because the organization has uncertainty whether Simmons wants to progress with the same mentality, per sources.

    According to sources close to Simmons, they soon plan to provide the team with updates on his progress once he is comfortable doing so. The 76ers fined Simmons nearly $2 million due to missing games, practices, and meetings earlier this season. The team has officially come to an end in fining the superstar. It offered grace when he announced his mental struggles and his inability to participate because of it.




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