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    Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson Surprised: ‘It bugged me out’

    Philadelphia 76ers Hall of Famer Allen Iverson was surprised and taken back seeing a young child wear his sneakers. Iverson’s partnership with Reebok has produced some of the most popular shoes of all time. There was a time where Iverson wasn’t used to seeing his sneaker designs outside of his family representing his brand. He brought far more to the NBA than just his skills. The bravado and swag he provided to the league helped more players be themselves and gain their own identities. He did all this while associated with a huge organization like the NBA.

    Many thought his loyalty to individualism made him as popular as he became but also a bit of a rebel. However, even then AI (Allen Iverson) appealed to the crowds almost immediately. He was amazed to see how far his reach has gotten. Even strangers and children wore his sneakers and attire. A bit ironic how a man who eventually became known as the “The Answer” around the league started a shoe line with Reebok called the “Question”.

    Iverson Sneakers Become Famous

    The former Hoyas star eventually decided to sign a ten-year $50 million dollar deal with Reebok in 1996. He dropped out of college and was drafted number one overall to the Philadelphia 76ers. These shoes became even more famous and prominent when the “killer crossover” made the great Michael Jordan almost fall mid-game.

    At this point, Iverson was already a household name but him wearing the sneakers while making Jordan fall,  instantly made the sneakers that much more desirable. The 76ers icon only five years later was able to become the league MVP, per ESPN.

    Allen Iverson’s Financial Difficulties

    Iverson’s lifelong contract with Reebok enabled him to stay afloat financially when he filed for bankruptcy. The superstar made over $200 million throughout his NBA career; however, budget problems nearly crippled him financially. His Reebok deal allowed him to receive $800 thousand annually while also having access to a $32 million dollar trust fund that he can access in 2030, per sources.

    His Answer IV “Stepover” shoe is one of the most iconic of all time as well. Arguably the most respectful player of all time. The 20th anniversary is around the corner. One would hope, Reebok will do something special to honor the shoe and Iverson’s legacy.


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