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    Phenomenal Singer-Songwriter Paris Snow Unveils Her Latest Single “Living in Nirvana”

    Paris Snow brings a spectacular rhythm fused with her distinctive vocals in the form of her latest single, “Living In Nirvana.”

    Paris Snow’s “Living In Nirvana” showcases her brilliant capability to utilize flawless harmonies merged with captivating instrumentations over a well-arranged atmospheric production.

    Paris Snow strives to be the best she can be at every opportunity and is well known for making groovy and outstanding likable tunes.

    Paris Snow had a chat with us and answered our unique 4 Questions. Check it out below.

    HYPEFRESH: Let’s start by introducing ourselves. You know the basics, like name, age, and where you’re from, as much or little as you’re comfortable sharing.

    Paris Snow: My name is Paris Snow. I’m 23 years old and from Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the United States.

    HYPEFRESH: Can you tell us about your new single, “Living In Nirvana”?

    Paris Snow: “Living In Nirvana” is the fifth song in my “song a week marathon.” I’d say it’s important to me because, at its core, the song is about striving to be the best you can and enjoying life while simultaneously coping with how “far out” we sometimes find ourselves in the existential meaningless of existence. It very much has Alice In Wonderland start her villain arc vibes. It also makes me feel like a badass, lol.

    HYPEFRESH: What do you like most about being a music artist?

    Paris Snow: The best part of being a music artist is the free expression and all the incredible people I meet and work with. Sitting in my home studio, producing, and writing a banger with some friends all in a couple of hours is one of the most electrifying feelings right next to the adrenaline from the on-stage performance. Songwriting is also a great way to take a mental picture of what you’re feeling, process it, and convert it to something more life-enriching. It’s a lot like meditation and therapy.

    I love being able to do photoshoots with friends for makeup, costumes, and set design, and I would love to do more of those things in the future for videos.

    HYPEFRESH: How can our readers follow you online?

    Paris Snow: I think Instagram @parissnow_, Spotify, and hopefully, soon YouTube will be the best places to be updated with everything going on.

    Stream “Living in Nirvana” on Spotify

    Connect with Paris Snow: Instagram | YouTube | Spotify


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