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    Phenomenal Artist Amplified Releases Another Hit Single “Overboard”

    One of the better exceptional artists in Santa Cruz, CA, releases another hit single entitled “Overboard,” this is the first single off Amplified’s upcoming album “On The Rise.”

    By mixing modern Hip Hop and pop with R&B, excuse the language, “Overboard” is a beautifully produced declaration of danceable rhythms and premeditated lyrics of love without all that amenities and lull-lull. The beat carries a lot of trap influences, but the melody is sugary and pop-friendly. Perfectly balanced.

    “Overboard” is an honest, unfiltered love song about resisting the temptation to focus on the positivity of a broken relationship with someone that’s gone wrong before it gets worst. Even when it seems complicated or hurtful to walk away, it’s best to leave the circumstances instead of holding and watching them worsen.

    Simply put, stop messing around. Let’s just do it now! This a message I think many can learn from. I’ll also stop messing around and let you listen to the fantastic single “Overboard.”

    Stream “Overboard” on Spotify

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