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    Peyton Ham, A Maryland Teen Fatally Shot By Trooper

    Peyton Ham, Killer in Another Police-Involved Shooting 

    Unfortunately, it is becoming too common to listen to news and hear that Peyton Ham, another young man has died at the hands of police.

    The 16-year-old was shot and killed nearly 80 miles south of Baltimore. Police were called following his suspicious behavior. 

    “A Maryland state trooper from the Leonardtown Barrack has been involved in a shooting after responding to a call for an individual who was possibly armed with a gun.”

    The teenage boy identified as Peyton Ham reportedly wielded a knife. That weapon was later determined to be an airsoft gun.

    “Any loss of life is a tragedy; this especially is a tragedy,” Maryland State Police Superintendent Jerry Jones said. “We take these very seriously. I certainly empathize with the family of this young man and what they’re feeling right now. I can’t even comprehend how sad this has got to be, and tragic, and we feel that. The investigators feel that.”

    Witnesses Support Reported Claims

    According to a local report, one witness told investigators that Ham stood in “a shooting stance” and pointed a gun at the trooper, who then shot at him and wounded him.

    A second witness stated that Ham got up. Still wounded, he clutched the knife in his hand. In addition, the trooper reportedly ordered him to drop the knife before he fired again.

    Maryland Shooting Comes Days after Minnesota Shooting

    The driveway shooting occurs a few days after Daunte Wright died in the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota shooting. As a matter of fact, an officer pulled Wright over for hanging an air freshener from his rear view mirror and expired registration tags. 

    Kim Potter, the officer involved in that shooting has since resigned. The Brooklyn Center police chief has stepped down as well. 

    Shootings across the country are increasing as a result of the lifting of coronavirus restrictions. 



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