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    A Petition To Remove Kylie Jenner From WAP Music Video Has Surfaced

    Last Friday, female rappers Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B collabed on a new anthem titled “WAP”. The dou also released a music video along with the single.

    In the music video, Cardi B highlights Black rising female artists such as Sukihana, Mulatto, and Rubi Rose. The video also features clips of artists Normani and Rosalia. However, there is one character in the music video that doesn’t make sense and her name is Kylie Jenner.

    It is clear that the music video holds a lot of Black female power. All the females are dressed incredibly, dancing, and look amazing. However, half way through the video the music cuts and Kylie Jenner, who is White, randomly walks towards the camera and proceeds to open a door. It just doesn’t add up.

    Many are questioning why the producers felt the need to have a White woman in the video. While Normani is shown dancing energetically, Kylie is just shown walking down a hall. It’s as if she doesn’t  need to be talented the way the other women are to be in the video. Others wonder if the producers did it for some sort of White promotion, as though the video wouldn’t reach the ideal audience if it didn’t have a White female in it.

    Now, there is a petition on titled “Remove Kylie Jenner from WAP video”. It already had over 65,000 signatures. You can take a look at the petition here:

    Watch the Music Video for “WAP” here:


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