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    50-Year-Old Peter Gunz Knocks Up 19-Year-Old Girlfriend..11th Child On The Way!!

    If you’ve ever watched Love & Hip-hop then you know the sleazeball known as Peter Gunz. Throughout his time on the show, his storyline focused around impregnating two women at the same time.

    Ultimately Peter would run back and forth to each one getting them pregnant several times. Well now it’s official Peter Gunz has gotten his 19-year-old girlfriend pregnant. The 50 years old Gunz clearly doesn’t believe in condoms. His girlfriend was the one that announced the news on social media yesterday. Love & Hip Hop producers are considering adding Gunz back to the show with the recent juicy drama.

    Peter Gunz 11th Child

    Overall this would be the rappers 11th child, and 6th baby mama. During last season, his wife Amina claimed that he was dealing with a teenage girl. Apparently, she went on Peter’s Instagram live stream spilling the tea regarding their status.

    Despite having so many kids this still comes as a shocker. Gunz was in a relationship with one of the women for well over a decade. His now wife was introduced on the show after the two secretly got married. Previously his wife decided to get an abortion that would in return have created a second child between them.

    Are you tired of this storyline? Are they going too far with Peter Gunz 11th child? Should Love & Hip Hop finally drop Peter Gunz? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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