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    Rising Artist Pete Philly is Back on The Scene After a Long Battle With Lyme Disease

    Rising Artist Pete Philly is Back-1

    For seven years, the disappearance of Pete Philly left a hole in the music scene he was ready to kick down doors in. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease back in 2010, Philly battled moments of not feeling like himself, which hindered his creative juices.

    “I was in a really bad place on the last tour,” he says in a recent interview.

    However, now with a better grasp over the disease, the Aruba born artist is back and adding spice to the bleak music scene found in Amsterdam–where he’s currently based out of.

    Yes, that’s right! Pete Philly has returned with new music…and tour dates.

    Just this year Philly released his newest singles “Favorite Song” and “Come Together,” which are both a bit of a twist compared to his older music. With a jazzy yet nostalgic blend of old hip-hop beats, Pete Philly stands front and center at a pulpit preaching the word of unity using his lyrical aptitude in “Come Together”.

    After being released on multiple streaming platforms like VEVO and YouTube, old fans are flocking back. In one comment under his video, a fan says, “Yo Pete! What a great track… So nice of you to reconnect with us! You introduced me to REAL Hip-Hop back in the days. LEGEND! I sure as hell am going to one of your acts as soon as possible. Wish you the best, take care!”

    And as it turns out, that fan will not have to wait music longer. After some warmup shows in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Philly is ready to really perform again. With ticket sales starting this Friday, and tour dates set for to happen in Belgium, France, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands, he’s anxious to reveal his new music and band.

    To follow this artist’s moves more closely, head over to his website here


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