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    Pete Davidson Pimping Out His Moms Cooch

    Pete Davidson might be a comedian, but he isn’t playing around when he says he wants his mother to get banged.

    The “Saturday Night Live” star was actually telling the truth when he said his mom needs to get some new d*ck in her life. Overall Pete Davidson pimping his mom is the latest skit he’s going with.

     “I don’t care … Someone should slam her. Seriously, she’s been, like, not with anybody since, like, my dad died. Someone needs to get up in that and get that lady off my back!”

    Pete’s father died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, reports Page Six. So since then, his mom, Amy Waters Davidson, hasn’t enjoyed the comforts of a man.

    That’s one loyal lady!

    But now that some time has passed, Pete Davidson wants to pimp his mom out. He feels as though it’s about the time his mother gets back on the saddle and ride. If she did, the comedian feels like it would help her to focus on other things besides getting on his nerves. This is a pretty easy thing to accomplish these days, especially since the two see each other all the time now.

    Pete sat down to talk with Tan France for an episode of “Dressing Funny,” and admitted that he and his mother are living under the same roof.

    “We bought a house together, but nobody believes that,”
    “I live with my mom, kinda, so I have like a basement that’s like mine that’s like an apartment, so I live underneath her, so I’m getting like a little arcade set up down there trying to make it … mine.”

    The house is located in Staten Island. It was a $1.3 million purchase.

    Thoughts? How do you feel about Pete Davidson pimping his mom out? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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