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    Pete Davidson On Some Weird Sh*t! Gets Angry At Kids For Having Phones Out!

    Pete Davidson can’t keep his cool over some kids!

    Pete Davidson headlined a comedy show at the University of Central Florida over the weekend and ranting at the students in the audience just several minutes into his set.
    The “Saturday Night Live” mainstay broke out of character and went against millennials when students violated his no-cellphone rule during a welcome-back comedy show at the University of Central Florida.

    “That’s what’s f—ed up. You were the one filming. That’s right, we’re embarrassing. That’s why the world is going to end in 25 years because you’re all f—ing r——d,” Davidson ranted at Monday’s show. “I meant it that way, idiots. You should f—ing grow up.”

    Davidson continued in his manic behavior in a video and raged that his friend had to monitor the audience to make sure they were adhering to his policy.

    “It says no phones. You’re just supposed to, just like, behave,” said Davidson. “I have to have my boy patrol you guys like you’re 5 years old? That’s f—ing embarrassing.”

    “You should grow up,” he continued in the middle of his set. “Where’s the next generation? … Don’t you want your parents to be proud of you? … Now we’ll continue.”

    However, Davidson’s rant didn’t go over well with the students and many booed the comedian, while others voiced their frustrations on social media.

    “it was a S–T SHOW! he went on a whole rant bcs a few ppl were recording and he started yelling about how we need to grow up and that we’re r-words and b—— and then he was like mad bcs no one was LAUGHING! u could feel the tension and how uncomfortable it was.”

    The university then made a statement saying Pete Davidson’s actions “disappointing” and said his use of the derogatory term was highly uncalled for.

    Do you think Pete was out of line? In short, let us know down below!

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