PETA: Go Vegan and You’ll Have Amazing Sex

A new advertisement by PETA is trying to convince people that by going vegan they’ll have a better sex life.

The video shows two couples, one on the left, and one on the right, engaged in sexual escapades. One couple stops after just a short time of fooling around, while the other goes on, and on…and on.

Apparently, going vegan will put your sex drive in overdrive. Just ask the couple on the right, who put their competitors to shame.

Sure the PETA ad is a stretch, but one might have to agree that it’s a genius way to get people to put down the meat. Surveys show that people love sex, and a healthy sex life is a key foundation for any relationship.

So, what do you all think? Do vegans have better sex? Please comment below and in other culture news, keep it locked here at!


  1. Compassion is super sexy. And vegans are less likely too be overweight and suffer from diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and other health problems. It only makes sense that a healthy person will be more likely to “thrive” in the bedroom and out.

  2. What an awesome (and true!) video. Eating mostly fruits and vegetables makes you healthier and significantly lowers your chance of getting diabetes or suffering from obesity. Choosing vegan has so many benefits — both in and out of the bedroom!

  3. Well, it’s not a stretch that consumption of animal products is linked to clogged arteries. Yes, even those arteries. In fact, vascular disease is the leading cause of ED.


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