Perico Limited, Ladies Longsleeve “Cocaine” Croptop


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Ladies, it just got real. 

Perico Limited just recently dropped a new twist to their latest Fall 14 collection, and yes – it changes the game for Fall fashion. Releasing the long-sleeved “Cocaine” croptop, in metaphor to being extra dope in terms of innovation and style.

Normally, you’ll see Fall sweaters, hoodies and even windbreakers/jackets being pushed this time of season. Perico dares ladies of style to be different with the croptop style on those more “autumn” appropriate days, where the weather is just right for this look.

The detail on the sleeve breaks cocaine down to the molecule, as the actual compound breakdown is exploited on each sleeve. Ladies, don’t wear this to your chemistry 101 class, please. Save yourself the headache, because your chemistry professor will be bitching.

Head over to their website to see more from their Fall collection, and be sure to stay posted here at HYPEFRESH®, as we’ll be featuring more of their upcoming lookbooks very, very soon.


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