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    People’s Choice Awards Crasher Looks For His Moment

    People nowadays are always looking to be the next big thing, and looking for the easy way to do it. Some however take it to the next level, and what better way is there to get your name out there than by crashing a live awards show?

    Zacari Nicasio, who describes himself as an unsigned artist, crashed the People’s Choice Awards to make a name for himself. Nicasio, who goes by the name ZacZeta, crashes parties and events regularly. While the ladies of “The Talk” were excepting their award for Favorite Daytime Talk Show, Nicasio made his way onstage to talk to the audience.

    Nicasio grabbed the microphone and shouted out Kanye West and Kevin Gates. He quoted a line from West’s new song “Facts”, “Yeezy jumped over Jumpman”, and gave Gates a shout out for his upcoming album.Right after that, Sherly Underwood took the microphone back and made a Steve Harvey joke, while Sharon Osbourne kicked him off stage.

    Nicasio later talked to THR about what happened.

    “I had to shout out who I look up to: Kanye West and Kevin Gates,” Nicasio stated. “I came here to do this tonight. I could honestly care less about what was going to happen.”

    This however is not Nicasio’s first time crashing events, he crashed Kris Jenner’s birthday party (in true Kanye fashion), and gave a birthday speech onstage.


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