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    Pennsylvania Artist Gabby Dropped A New Single Titled “F**k Friends”

    Emerging singer-songwriter Gabby recently released a new single titled “F**k Friends,” which follows up with the success of her previously released songs “Honest” and “TRIP.” Which has displayed Gabby’s capability to not only deliver unique vocals but also show her power to remain consistent in making songs that give listeners the appeal to dig deeper into her music, turning them into true fans of her work.

    “F**k Friends” is a song that puts Gabby’s artistic skills to the test as she smoothly travels through a mix of R&B/trap to make a razor-sharp Indie R&B production that spoils us with melody and rhythm which come together to create perfect harmony.

    Gabby has continuously been striving to perfect and master her God-given talent as she slowly builds her stats as a talented artist. 

    Stream “F**k Friends” on Spotify

    Connect with Gabby: TikTok | Instagram 


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