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    DreamDoll X Pelle Pelle

    The reality tv star DreamDoll, has been in the spotlight for quite some time when in comes to prime time slots. From her escapades on “Bad Girls Club”, to her current casting on “Love & Hip-Hop”, the Brooklyn artist has always been candid on her upbringing. As DreamDoll prepares for her full transition to the music stage, it’s only right that we get a personal understanding into exactly who DreamDoll is. 

    As Pelle Pelle look’s to embrace the music culture more now than ever, it only made sense to collaborate with the dynamic female singer/emcee. Pelle Pelle movement for supporting artist is something that shouldn’t be overlooked or taken lightly. The brand launched in 1978, with the most noticeable product being uniquely designed leather jackets. Since then the brand has expanded to alternative outerwear, boots, and handbags. The brand also was one of the biggest players in fashion during the 90’s and early 2000’s with there apparel line which included jeans, and t-shirts. The brand has been sported by celebrities such as Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Cam’ron, Martin Lawrence, and more. Pelle Pelle is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. 

    Watch the clip below as DreamDoll, dives into her past, passion, goals, and overall focus on her path to becoming next up in the music industry.

    Make sure to follow DreamDoll on twitter @realdreamdoll. To keep up with the latest interviews, and apparel follow Pelle Pell on twitter@PellePelle.


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