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    Pelicans Holding Davis Till The Off-season, Lakers Chances Are Slim

    The Anthony Davis sweepstakes are currently at a close.

    Lakers Lose Out

    Los Angeles Lakers are no longer the destination for the talented Anthony Davis. However, the Pelicans organization felt the Lakers young assets were not enough for megastar to be traded. After the initial especially deal fell through, Davis made it known that he was interested in three alternative trade destinations. At one point Anthony Davis trade request heated up involving the Bulls and Celtics. James and Davis share the agent by the name of “Rich Paul”. In addition, Shams Charania via Twitter reported with the deal falling through that the Lakers will have a tough time acquiring Davis this offseason.


    Espn’s Adrian Woj is reporting that the Pelicans were seeking 4 first-rounders from the Lakers, in exchange for Anthony Davis. Above all, players the likes of Ball, Ingram, and Kuzama will surely lose the trust of the dynasty with all the trade rumors. The turmoil is sure to bring about dysfunction, and chaos in an already tense locker room. Furthermore, all signs now are hinting the Celtics stand the best chance at acquiring Davis. Boston currently has the most valuable assets to trade for Davis. The Celtics have 3 1st-rounders in the 2019 draft, and 2 first rounders in the 2020 draft class.

    Does Anthony Davis goe to the East for the 2019-2020 season? Will LeBron be able to land a Superstar to play with him? Leave your comments below and follow

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