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    Pastor Faces Lawsuit For Fake Ass Funeral “Resurrection”

    A South African pastor went viral after he “resurrected” a dead man. Now, his holy ass is being sued.

    According to sources at BBC, Pastor Alph Lukau became a viral sensation after a video surfaced online of his apparent resurrection skills. Specifically, the video showed him telling a dead man to “rise up” in front of a crowd of worshippers. Now, multiple funeral companies are planning to sue the pastor for manipulation. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below.

    But, it doesn’t stop there! Because of the viral act of blasphemy, it also sparked the #ResurrectionChallenge where it jokes about life after being reborn. As such, Alleluia Ministries International has since, stated that the man was “already alive’ when the video was recorded. But, it looks as though they got caught up in the spirit!

    So, what do you all believe? Should the entire church be sued or just the Pastor? Also, how many other churches are guilty of blasphemy? Please drop a comment below and for more WTF, keep it locked to!

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