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    Damn, Leaving Neverland Forced Paris To Attempt Suicide? Michael Jackson Moonwalking In The Grave!

    Leaving Neverland has convincingly done the damage it sought out to do. However, we didn’t think it would push Paris Jackson to allegedly attempt suicide.

    Several media outlets report that ” The King Of Pop” daughter Paris Jackson attempted to commit suicide over the weekend. Apparently, she was rushed to the hospital on Saturday morning, but Jackson is claiming that it’s all a lie. The 20-year old allegedly was in her apartment with lacerations to her wrist. A spokesperson from LAPD told the Radaronline publication:

    “We can confirm that an ambulance attended a suicide attempt…in Los Angeles earlier today. The victim was transported to a local hospital – under HIPPA rules we cannot reveal this person’s identity.”

    Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt?

    Paris has been in the press nonstop since being fresh out of rehab. Furthermore, she has had to deal with Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse past being dug up from the grave. Strong testimonies from alleged victims have left Paris to defend her Father’s legacy after Leaving Neverland aired. Because of all the claims even Drake doesn’t want to fuck with Michael Jackson. This comes as a shock, as Drake featured previously unreleased samples on several of recent his albums.

    The issues didn’t stop there, it has been reported that Jackson’s music will be blackballed by select radio stations. In addition, a former maid claims that he was a sick fuck. Many people are in disbelief that media mogul Oprah did an interview directly after the airing of Leaving Neverland. Comedian star Mo’nique thinks that Oprah Winfrey is a two-faced wicked wench because of the segment she did with the alleged victims.

    Should Paris be on suicide watch? Should HBO be held responsible for how Paris is acting? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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