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    Paris Jackson Is Fresh Out Of Rehab..Watch Your Mouth When Talking About The King Of Pop!!!

    Michael Jackson was a true icon that the world lost.

    Drama still lives on despite the passing of the King Of Pop. With MJ gone his children have become the center of attention in the media. Last year was a bad time for Paris Jackson on a personal level. She went to rehab and has now come out on a sober path. The 20-year-old fought through alcoholic and mental health issues. It’s no secret that the Jackson family has a history of drug abuse. However, her Gabriel Glenn has continued to be a strong supporter of hers.

    “Paris is coming up on 30 days off other substances,” the source added. She’s is getting a ton of support from Gabriel.”

    In 2009, Paris would lose her father. After that in 2018, she lost both her grandfather Joe Jackson along with biological mother Debbie Rowe. Overall losing her dearly love one has been difficult and painful to bare. Recovery was great news for her family, with plenty of rumors that she and Gabriel will be getting married. At the moment Paris is pissed at the fact a documentary entitled “Leaving Neverland”. She will look to fight claims of sexually abusing surrounding her father. We hope that she stay around people that are positive.

    Most recently MJ name was mentioned along with R. Kelly claims. The Iconic Kanye West said that he doesn’t give a fuck! He still bumping Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. After the surviving R. Kelly documentary aired MJ’s sexual abuse past was dug up from the grave.

    Will she stay out of rehab? Can she stop the documentary from coming out? Leave your comment below, and stay tuned to


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