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P.U. Powerup Entertainment Look’s To Change The Landscape Of Music!!!

Back in 2005, a businessman by the name of Mr. P.U. founded P.U. Powerup Entertainment.

The entrepreneur dream was to create a massive wave that in return would attract the vast growing music industry. His influence is solidified through producing and developing a sound that would inspire the culture. One of his first artists by the name of “5ive Mics” would prove to be a major factor with his signing to Grand Hustle/Rich Broke. The single “Million Dollar Dream” hosted by DJ Don Canon provided a big statement in the world of hip-hop. Furthermore, the brand is now notarized by collaborations with influential artists by the likes of  T.I. and Lil Duval.

In 2015, a major milestone established the company’s greatness. P.U. Power Up Entertainment celebrated a ten-year mark in the industry, further proving its longevity and relevance within the scope of music. The company continues to receive huge accolades after consulting and producing on projects such as the release of Easter Pink. The project is produced by the in house producer SP, Rohan Hartley. Directly after, P.U. Powerup Entertainment provided another big push with RH Mete’s second mixtape entitled BIGTherefore, the project was exclusively produced by SP by the company, adding to the talented portfolio.

Overall, P.U. Powerup Entertainment is working with platinum-selling artists such as Lil Boosie, London Jae (Singer/Songwriter), Mac Boney, Rich Homie Quan, Hell Well, and Cash of NEA. The businessman also was a creative consultant for the new smash hit and the official video for “Change Gears” by Nicky Blixky ft. Coca Vango.

In conclusion, what’s next for P.U. Powerup Entertainment? Who would you like to see P.U. Entertainment collaborate with next? We’d love to hear what you think in our comment section.

After, be sure to keep it locked on Hypefresh for more Hip-Hop!


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