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    “P FKN R”: Becoming Bad Bunny’s Night To Remember

    Bad Bunny’s P FKN R

    To end the year with a golden brooch, Bad Bunny turned his concert series P FKN R into a whole spectacle.

    The first thing you heard when the lights dimmed and the introduction to his performance commenced:

    “Esta es la crónica de una estrella que saltó de un volcán…” 

    This translates to, “This is the chronicle of a star that jumped from a volcano …”  This eight-minute-long intro showcased the accomplishments of each illustrious Puerto Rican who struggled to break the barrier between success and failure. Additionally, it demonstrated how the Puerto Rican culture shaped the world’s perception the small archipelago today.

    “Es el ADN de lo que late en estas latitudes lo que ha escrito esta historia, este es el archipielago leyenda, al que perteneces…”

    More from the Introductory Video

    Moreover, this introductory video continued with, “It is the DNA of what beats in these latitudes that have written this story, this is the legendary archipelago, to which you belong …” As it continues to play the video showed fans the importance of people from Puerto Rico. These figures included Roberto Clemente, Luisa Capetillo, Blanca Canales, and Mariana Bracetti. Also several Olympic medalists like Jasmine Camacho, Monica Puig, Javier Culson, and more.

    Moreover, the show exhibited the struggles the people endured when they fought to end the governorship of Ricardo Rosello and the control the police had against their own people. Bad Bunny’s P FKN R highlighted the rebellion the community had after years of abuse from the politicians who swore to protect them.

    In the end, actor Benicio del Toro made an appearance and said:

    “It comes naturally to us to be legends and in the end, there is no greater pride in each achievement than to say, I am from P FKN R”.

    After all of this, the stage goes completely black. The only thing you hear is the scream of almost 35,000 people waiting for Benito (Bad Bunny) to come out. It starts with flashing red lights and the song ‘El Mundo es Mío’.

    Before the Show

    The anticipation for these two concerts held at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium was massive, with people waiting in lines for hours on end for the first show. Everyone was ecstatic to see the man who changed the Latin music industry as a whole. Furthermore, there’s an estimated cost of the concert to have exceeded $10 million dollars. Besides having the spectacle itself, Bad Bunny and his team created a museum before entering the arena. It displayed his many accomplishments in the industry, as well his clothing, his car, and a set used in some of his music videos.

    Besides having a full-blown museum of the artist, you could find inflatables everywhere, representing him.


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