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    Creepy: Orlando Brown Wears Snake Eyes to Dr. Phil Interview

    Orlando Brown, is one of those celebrities that we’re slowly watching hit rock bottom. And we don’t need snake eyes to see it.

    In a new interview, with Dr. Phil, Brown comes to set with a fashion statement, that we’re sure won’t catch on. The former That’s So Raven co-star was wearing a pair of contact lenses, in the form of snake eyes. And believe us, it looked as creepy as it sounds.

    When asked about why he was wearing them, he dedicated the new lenses to Michael Jackson. He goes on record saying, “they’re my Michael Jackson eyelids, it’s for ‘Thriller.”

    Brown made his appearance on Dr. Phil, because a friend suggested he needs serious help, regarding mental illness. The friend claims that Brown believes he’s Jackson’s son.

    What do you guys think? Could Orlando Brown be the son of the late King of Pop? Or, is he just sick in the head?

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