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One Man Took the Phrase “Kill them with Kindness” TOO Literal

Police are holding a Florida man on a $15,000 bond for trying to kill his neighbors with kindness.

In Milton, FL, a 30-year-old man is now facing charges for aggravated battery and aggravated assault. According to police reports obtained by BuzzFeed, Santa Rosa County police responded to a call about an irate man.

Neighbors had been complaining that the man, who goes by the name Stewart, was showing signs of extreme aggression and danger. Police reports reveal that the neighbors described the man as “yelling and banging” and “saying that he was going to ‘killem with kindness’.”

And it looks like Stewart was telling the truth. However, it’s a good guess that the neighbors were thinking Stewart was just speaking figuratively.

According to one key witness, Stewart was seen handling a knife, with the words “kindness” written on the blade!

Apparently, the altercation started from a noise complaint made by Stewart’s neighbor, Jessie James Hunter. Just as Stewart was about to strike Hunter with the knife, another neighbor intervened. Unfortunately, the neighbor who came to the rescue got struck in the hand.

At the moment, there’s been no other reports of other neighbors sustaining additional injuries.

When police questioned Stewart’s girlfriend, she confirmed he was acting unusual in the moments leading up to the events.

Thoughts? What does “kill them with kindness” mean to you? Leave a comment below.

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