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Soulja Boy kidnapping


Oh Shit: Soulja Boy Kidnaps Women?

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife! Apparently, Soulja Boy kidnaps women.

Soulja Boy was accused of allegedly kidnapping and tying a women to a chair and holding her hostage in his garage.

According to the women, Soulja kidnapped her in February. She contenueed to say how he brutalized her, but Soulja said she was flat out lying.

But no worries Soulja fans, this all means nothing because prosecutors have rejected the case.

According to TMZ, the Ventura County District Attorney says they’re declining all files against him due to a lack of evidence. The files say Soulja Boy was holding her hostage for about 6 hours, though investigations do not prove it.

The county sheriff department held a search warrant for at Soulja Boy’s home and looked for evidence of kidnapping. That turned out to be a not so good thing for the rapper, for other reasons of course. This trouble got him in even bigger problems with the feds.

Sheriffs say they found ammo on property, which is a violation of Soulja’s probation for a weapon case in L.A back in 2014.

He later got arrested for that.

Wow, someone was really trying to get Soulja Boy locked up! Whether if she was just an ex he dumped or something else, she was definitely had it out for him!

Who is this women to Soulja Boy you think? Do you think he had ties with her, or she just wanted some cha-ching? Let us know in the comments!

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