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    Offset’s New Year’s Resolution Is To Be Less Of A “Fuck Boy”

    Offset recently went on Instagram to make a New Year’s resolution. He has made a pledge to be less of a fuck boy in the New Year.

    Offset has had a good year and a bad one too. He had his album come out, which was well-received by critics and fans. It also had a lot of nice bangers. In addition to that he and his wife, Cardi B, are done and facing divorce because of his serial cheating. Well, he has learned from his mistakes and is wiser, according to his Instagram post.

    It is always good to better yourself. However, let’s see if Offset actually means what he said. After all, he told Cardi that he would stop cheating on her and we all know that didn’t happen!

    Do you believe Offset? Or, do you think that he is full of shit? Let us know with a comment below and for more buzzing news, stay tuned to!


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