Offset Said Fuck The Hoes & Got His Wife Back!

Offset Said

Cardi B’s family is officially back together again!

According to TMZ, she and Offset are under the same roof and all is well in paradise. Sources close to the hip-hop duo claim that she has returned to their Atlanta home to Offset and Kulture. According to these same sources, this is her first return since Offset’s alleged cheating.

But, there have been numerous signs of their reunion. They were spotted on a jet ski in Puerto Rico. And there were other instances of them actually fixing their marital problems. 

So if you’re wondering exactly how they fixed the problem. It’s simple. Offset ain’t fucking with them hoes no mo! No, seriously. He allegedly changed his phone number, in order to show Cardi that he’s serious. They even implemented a “no groupies” rule. So you know what that means! This weekend at the Superbowl, he ain’t risking shit!

So, what do you all believe about this love rollercoaster? Is it real or fake? Please comment below and for more gossip, keep it locked to!


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