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    Offset Jokes About Cardi B’s Burnt Food, Cooking Skills

    Cardi B can rap, dance and make people laugh all the same time. However, she’s not that great at cooking. Recently, the “WAP” rapper showed fans there’s a reason why she’s not allowed in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the Grammy-award winning emcee burned a whole tray of chicken wings. Making matters worse, her husband, Offset, took the opportunity to crack jokes about Cardi B’s food and her cooking skills.

    Cardi B Burned The Wings

    cooking skills
    Cardi B’s burnt chicken via YouTube

    Not everyone can cook and Cardi B made it clear she’s no Chef Ramsey. Previously, the 29-year-old has tried her hand at preparing home cooked meals on her series Cardi Tries. Unfortunately, the rapper failed at preparing a meal this time around.

    This week, the “I Like It” rapper attempted to make two trays worth of home cooked wings. While one batch appeared tenderized and cooked to perfection, the other was burnt. Cardi B wasn’t lying after rapping the verse “I don’t cook, I don’t clean,” in her 2021 “WAP” song. It’s clear that she’s not an expert when it comes to cooking.

    Her Husband Takes Jabs At Her Cooking Skills

    cooking skills
    Cardi B in the kitchen via That Grape Juice

    Unfortunately, her husband Offset took jabs at Cardi B’s cooking skills. On May 24th, the rapper took to Instagram to share a video with fans where he sings about his wife burning a tray of wings. Furthermore, the camera pans over from the burnt tray to the other with nicely barbeque sauce-covered wings. Rather than complimenting his wif , he jokes about her cooking skills. “Shawnty burnt the wings,” he sings in the video. Arguably, Cardi B’s not that bad in the kitchen. She managed not to overcook the first tray, which has win her some points in the kitchen. Maybe she’s not a lost cause after all.

    But the better question is, would y’all like to try some of Cardi B’s food?


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