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Offset Greased Cheeks coming


Offset Greased Cheeks Coming… FBI Plotting

Illustration: Kamaal Holly

No matter what’s happening it seems like Offset can’t keep his name out of the news. However now it seems as though he’s under the surveillance of the alphabet boys.

Offset is probably the loudest member of Migos when it comes to his actions. The rapper is always caught up in some type of drama, and he’s always in the spotlight. Given the fact that Cardi B is his baby mama, we can always count on the couple entertaining us on social media. However, there are rumors that Offset greased cheeks coming as the FBI might have a case.

Most recently felony gun charges against “The Father Of Four” rapper were dropped. The Clayton County D.A. officially confirmed that the prosecutors dropped all charges back on July 1. It’s no coincidence given the fact that the feds are in the middle of an investigation. It is believed that the feds might have more serious charges that will surely be worth the wait.

At the moment it seems as though Offset‘s legal counsel may be playing coy when it comes to the belief that charges were dropped randomly.

“We have received no information to indicate that Mr. Cephus is the target of any federal investigation.” 
“In the many hours of video footage from multiple officers, no traffic violation is captured, and at no time does any officer claim or mention that Mr. Cephus failed to maintain a lane which was later used to try to justify the stop.” 

In addition, Cardi B has been indicted on 14 counts. The rapper is accused of ordering her entourage to beat up women in a strip club. It is believed that Offset was having sex with one of the strippers. The Bodak Yellow rapper turned down a plea deal, and will likely be heading to court.

In conclusion, do you think Offset greased cheeks coming sooner than later? Will Cardi B end up going to jail? Is the FBI watching Migos? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

Illustration: Kamaal Holly

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