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    Officers Charged In Rayshard Brooks’s Murder

    Officers Garrett Rolfe and Daniel Bronson will both face charges in the murder of Rayshard Brooks.

    The Atlanta District attorney’s office announced that both officers involved with Rayshard Brook’s murder will face charges. Officer Garrett Rolfe will face felony murder plus 11 additional charges. While Officer Daniel Bronson will face only 3 chargers due to his cooperation as a state witness.

    District attorney Paul Howard began his press conference announcing that warrants for the arrest of Officers Rolfe and Bronson have been issued. From that point on he would go on to detail a gruesome murder at the hands of the police.

    “Unfortunately, this marks the 40th prosecution of police officers for misconduct here in our county. And this is the ninth time that we’ve prosecuted a homicide case committed by a police officer.

    These are the words Paul Howard spoke to the attendants at the Fulton county courthouse Wednesday. A grim reminder that police brutality is constant apart of the African American experience and not a new trend.

    Howard told reporters that his team spent hours watching eight videos and interviewing witnesses before concluding that. “…Mr. Brooks never displayed any aggressive behavior during the 41 minutes and 17 seconds,”


    The most emotion of the press conference came when a photo was shown of Officer Garrett Rolfe kicking Rays hard Brooks after he had been shot. Office Daniel Bronson admitted to standing on Brooks after the shooting but has been praised for cooperating with the DA office from the start.

    Both officers we expected to turn themselves in by 6 pm Wednesday. If convicted Officer Rolfe faces life without parole or the death penalty. Officer Bronson faces fewer charges is has had a bond requested on his behalf by the DA offices. The DA is seeking no bond for officer Rolfe.

    What do you guys think of Officers Garrett Rolfe and Daniel Bronson’s charges? Are they fair?


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