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    Officers Are Injured Amid Protests in Philly

    Public unrest unfolds in Philadelphia  

    Philadelphia officers injured during protests related to the killing of Walter Wallace Jr. 

    Reports of protests and looting in West Philly is underway. Outrage abrupted after news spread of Wallace Jr.’s death. Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets. Some officers are injured during their encounters with protestors. 

    There are five days before the 2020 Election and another Black life was lost at the hands of police. Wallace Jr.’s untimely death happens at a bad time. Blacks across America are angry. The disconnect between Blacks and law enforcement ends with more Black men being killed.

    Philadelphians versus the police

    At a community meeting, one resident called out for police for their handling of the situation. Philly officers have become defensive as some officer are getting injured. Police are expected to protect not harm.

    Philly’s police commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, argues that the police are for the people. She states that “we are not at war with our community; we are of our community.”

    No National Guard in Philly 

    Pennsylvania Governor has mentioned that the National Guard may need to monitor protests. Philadelphia isn’t the first city to deal with a mix of nonviolent and violent reactions from residents.

    The National Guard is not on the streets of Philly at this time. Yet if unrest continues, the governor may call reinforcements.

    Police express concern because there were nearly 300 reported incidents of looting. In addition, 81 arrests made on Tuesday night, most for burglary.

    What’s to come?

    Early Wednesday afternoon, the Philadelphia police union has called for more information regarding the case. Still, protestors will likely continue until more details and body camera footage are released.

    Regardless of the cause, the fact that police officers are injured is a problem. A problem for police anyway.

    For now, a curfew is strongly enforced. Moreover, curfew begins at 9 p.m. and lasts until 6 a.m.

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