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Officer Peter Casuccio


Officer Peter Casuccio Should Be Praised For This

Officer Peter Casuccio responded to a call of two young African-American boys yielding an unidentified firearm in public. When he found them, he stopped them with his firearm drawn and instructed them to get on their knees before taking what appeared to be a BB gun. Casuccio then proceeds to lecture the two.

“You can’t do that dude, in today’s world,” Casuccio tells the boys. “Listen, that thing looks real, bro.” He continued on to issue a stern warning. “I could’ve killed you. I want you to think about that tonight when you go to bed. You could be gone. Everything you want to do in this life could’ve been over.”

In a world where Cops are quick on the draw with their triggers, these two young African-American men were pardoned by the wisdom and teaching of Officer Casuccio. More Police efforts should be made to enlighten our youth in the same manner. Especially in comparison to how many calls are typically handled. 

Casuccio escorted one of the kids home and spoke to the mother about the happening. Neither child was arrested.

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