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    Oblivious Jones: HypeFresh Highlights Artist From Press Junket

    HypeFresh Highlights Oblivious Jones

    Who is Oblivious Jones?

    OB: Oblivious Jones is an entrepreneur, a lyricist, MC, I’m a father, a son and a philanthropist, something like that.

    How long have you been rapping?

    OB: The most cliche answer is all my life, but I’ve been taking rap serious for about the last 5 years. I have 5 tapes out, every since I started, I’ve been dropping a tape every year. I dropped my 6th tape on the 26th of November, on Black Friday. So, I’m here at the press junket trying to network, and get to that next level.

    What label are you looking to sign with?

    Ob: The goals is to stay Indie as long as we can, I have a label. I started my own label.

    Tell us about your label?

    OB: It’s a process, it’s in its development phase, SPS Records. My manager runs the management company, Top 2 Not 2 Management, so you know, just trying to get me off the ground. You know, whoever we can team up with or partner with would be cool. I’ve had talks with Columbia Records the top of 2020, right when COVID happened. But, the numbers weren’t right on instagram, so just trying to build that buzz every since then.

    What’s in store for Oblivious Jones?

    OB: We are just going to continue giving back to the community. Continue dropping real dope music. Keep being a role model to those that’s watching.

    What’s your Instagram?

    OB: My Instagram is @oblivious_jones


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