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    New York’s FarrellB Reveals Truth On New Single “Blinded”

    There are various moments in our life where we are “tested”. And based on how we react to these tests, can affect the trajectory of our lives. I’ve always felt during these moments the best way to handle them is by approaching them head-on. New York-based artist Farrell B does a solid job of expanding on this positive mindset on his new single “Blind”.

    It’s kind of like the iconic bar that Lil Wayne said in his hit single “She Will” You have to be “Ray Charles to the bullsh*t” that comes your way. Basically, what he means by that is that we have to always be alert, because there will always be instances when people will try to get you off track. This is the point that FarrellB is trying to get across in his new single.

    One Of A Kind Sound

    Often duplicated, never replicated, FarrellB has a unique sound that is incomparable. He put everyone on notice this year with his recent project, more specifically with the lead single, “Blissful”. In the short time that it’s been out, copycats have emerged from the woodwork, trying to capture that same energy. What better way for Farrell to show he’s the standard than a new track that calls out all the haters?

    Burst Onto The Scene

    Produced by FarrellB himself, “Blind” contains some very explosive and fierce production. This is surely one of those tracks that will get your adrenaline pumping and have your blood racing for how hyped it is. For other artists, it may be somewhat more difficult to find their footing on this type of production. But “Blind” shows he’s prepared for any challenge.

    If you want a better understanding of FarrellB’s life and how he continues to make strides as an artist and producer, you have to listen to “Blind”. The song feels like a subtle reminder that no one can stop him on his destined journey to stardom.

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