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    NYC’s Bryce Mensah Plays His Cards Right In “Know Your Ways”

    Cuffing SZN Music

    As fall begins, and it starts to get colder outside, it means cuffing season is approaching. Even though it was a fairly tame summer, it doesn’t mean the winter will play out the same. Cuffing season is always rough because everybody doesn’t make the cut, as they’re left to fend for themselves in the harsh winter. One person who made their cuts earlier than usual is Bryce Mensah, based on his new single, “Know Your Ways”.

    The New York-based R&B singer has always been passionate about expressing his youthful emotions through music. I was introduced to him earlier this year, with his single, “East Side Rendezvous”. Once I heard his soothing vocals over the dynamic production, I immediately became a fan of his work. His newest single expands upon the last one and has Bryce singing his heart out again.

    Tired of Fighting

    Produced by Caba, his somber production inspires Bryce to write his most honest song. Sometimes you have to prioritize yourself. Even if that means being selfish with whom is deserving of your time and love. From his perspective, he can already read the room and tell that his lover is acting completely differently than usual. Instead of waiting around for things to get better, he realizes its better to cut his losses.

    Me describing the premise of the song like a narrative doesn’t do its full justice. You have to listen to it in its entirety to experience Bryce’s raw emotion. As a songwriter, he is years ahead of his development compared to his peers. Good songwriting comes from the soul, which is a place most people in his age group won’t travel to.

    Because of this, Bryce has all the potential in the world to be an enigma in the new age of R&B. If you don’t have Bryce in your playlist, you are seriously tripping. This song is almost guaranteed to make you a fan of his work.

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