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    Nuthin 2 prove review: Lil Yachty delivers a club worthy album

    Mumble rap has become the new default setting for hip hop. While there are still rappers who value lyrics above everything else, a large majority of artists today are just satisfied with having a few good lines that match a nice beat. One of those artists is Lil Yachty. Yachty, fresh off releasing Lil Boat 2, earlier this year, returns again with a new project titled Nuthin 2 prove. While the album’s title might express confidence, its delivery is lackluster in some areas. This is not to say that the entire album is bad, because it’s not. However, it is not memorable either.
    Nuthin 2 prove
    starts off with a general trap like vibe. Yachty come in raw, with a 21 Savage like flow, in first his song “Gimme Respect.” He continues this aggressive style with “Riley From the Boondocks”, “Get Dripped”,  and “I’m the mac.” Yachty drops lines like “Keep me a Uzi, that shit be the minigun/ Hunnid round clips, pop it right in the Tommy gun/My niggas shoot, they don’t do the octagon, yup/ Spider drop out like Decepticon” which are supposed to come off hard but end up sounding cliche. Yachty, while he has a few good bars, has never much of a lyricist, which is evident in the first half of the album. At times, it sounds like Yachty is rambling over a beat instead of rapping.  The beats are enjoyable and the songs are catchy, but the actual bars just are not good.
    From there, Yachty delivers the softcore trap music that’s made him so popular. This is where Yachty shines. Yachty brings the audience some pleasant feel-good songs which don’t take themselves too seriously. Yachty has a very laid back style which does not pair well with hardcore trap music. However, it does go very nice with lighter trap music. Songs like “Worth it” “Next Up” and “SaintLaurenYSL” gives off a relaxed vibe which complements Yachty’s mannerisms.

    Production-wise, the album does well too. The beats are well-produced and creative. Everything, from the bass, to the small keys, is delivered in a way that adds to each song well.
    Feature-wise, the artists that Yachty brings to the album are mostly uninteresting. While they deliver good verses, they do not bring anything that Yachty does not. For instance, Kevin Gates feature on Nolia sounds almost exactly like Yachty’s verse on the song. This happens with most of the artist on Nunthin 2 Prove. The lack of novelty in artist styles makes the album sound stale at times. The exception to the downside is “Who want the Smoke?” which features Cardi B and Offset. Cardi brings an intensity as she delivers the best verse on this songs, spitting lyrics like “They don’t want none, I’ll say it again, They don’t want none, I pray for their sins. Offset matches her passion and brings his own style to the song.

    Overall, Nunthin 2 Prove gets a three out of five stars from Hypefresh. This is an album that you listen to when you’re at a party. Beyond that, it has no replay value.


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