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    Not So Fast Fortnite…Here’s Another Lawsuit from Backpack Kid

    Backpack Kid is filing a lawsuit against Fortnite, by Epic Games, too!

    The 16-year-old’s mother filed the lawsuit on his behalf, after Fortnite used his “the floss” dance, without his permission. Backpack Kid claims his dance is being used as an emote in last year’s Season 2 Battle Pass, whenever a player wins the game.

    He’s  being repped by Carolynn Kyungwon Beck and David Hecht of Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht, same as Alfonso Ribeiro.

    This is the latest lawsuit that Fortnite has received against them. Alfonso Ribeiro and 2 Milly are pursuing lawsuits against the game for illegally using their signature dance moves too. Although, none of them have trademarked the dances, they each are in the process of doing so.

    Backpack kid is also filing a lawsuit against 2k Sports, for similar reasons.


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