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Not Mike! They Tryna Ruin The King Of Pop Forever!!!

Accusations of pedophilia against Michael Jackson are coming out again…

For years, Michael Jackson was accused of molesting underage boys. However, he continuously denied the accusations. After his death, most people forgot as they mourned the “King of Pop” and his impact on music.

Although, now with the R.Kelly scandal, Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse past is being dug up from the grave. According to Radar Online, a new accuser, Michael Jacobshagen, has come out to speak about his time with the singer. Jacobshagen, now in his mid-30s, claims that Jackson molested him when he was a teenager. He also says that Jackson nicknamed him “Rubba Rubba” and gave him a book of male nudes.

Radar Online

Jackson also signed the book and told the Jacobshagen that he missed him.

Radar Online

Radar Online

Radar Online

The Jackson family continues to deny that Michael Jackson was a pedophile. However, with this evidence, it is hard to argue that he was not. Or was the evidence tampered with?

What do you think of this new evidence? Drop a comment below and for more news, keep it locked to!

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