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    North West Steals The Spotlight From Kim Kardashian

    North West is a blessing for sure!

    Kim Kardashian is has plenty of hustles. Above all, it is one distinguished title that gets overlooked is being a “Mother”. Luckily it seems as though she is good at that title as well.

    Being a wife and mother is something rarely mentioned when you’re someone like Kim Kardashian. The beautiful Mrs. Kardashian-West, has done everything from reality tv, clothing lines, perfumes, and make up lines.

    Most recently her oldest daughter, North West stopped by her Mom’s work space. Instantly it turned to a photo shoot between mother and daughter with plenty of poses and fashion captured.

    It was great to see Kim in her element as a mom, while during last week she had to let Drake know she wasn’t having it. Kanye decided to call out Drake for sending shots at him through several songs.

    Mr. West had enough and decided to take to Twitter to officially address the issue. Kanye’s rant turned into an entertaining session for the social media world.

    From the looks of the pictures, Kanye is a lucky man to have a beautiful family.


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