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    North Carolina Artist Mavi Gives A Retelling His Life On New Track “Baking Soda”

    During an artist’s mid-career, fans get to know their vulnerable side. Some artists suffer consequently, but others flourish. In fact, some artists are bold enough to let fans get to know their soul through and through.

    Charlotte, North Carolina artist Mavi fortunately, is ready to show the world who he is underneath. Known for fan-favorite tracks “Time Travel” and “Thousand Miles,” Mavi’s fluid flows and inspirational rhymes make him a huge standout act. Several publications like Pitchfork hailed him as a lyrical Prophet, delivering revelations that demand attention from audiences everywhere.

    Furthermore, Mavi’s insightful tales on his debut album Let The Sun Talk drew in over 30 million global streams in 2019 alone. With numbers like that, the rapper proved that he was superior to his competitors. Moreover, the North Carolina rapper has plans to continue his successful streak, however, life got in the way.

    Now after 2 years, Mavi has returned to the spotlight with his sophomore album Laughing So Hard It Hurts. Even during his hiatus, he still manages to keep his fanbase growing. Not to mention, he’s only dropped a handful of releases, an album and one EP. Clearly, he’s got something other emcees don’t. Though, the good news doesn’t stop there. In addition to releasing his 16-track sophomore album, Mavi’s “Baking Soda” track off the album gives an insightful look inside the rapper’s life.

    Mavi Gets All In His Feelings In “Baking Soda”

    In a word, North Carolina artist Mavi has a knack for storytelling. He’s not afraid to bear his soul, either, which makes him one of the most endearing emcees yet. Much of his sophomore album Laughing So Hard It Hurts features the different sides of the artist. He discusses everything from his fear of maintaining a lucrative rap career to his love for his family to contemplating his own self-worth. Whatever’s on his mind, Mavi says it all in a song.

    On his track “Baking Soda” Mavi details all of the obstacles and opportunities that have followed him throughout his life. Clearly, Mavi has overcome several of life’s toughest trials. Fortunately, his life has led him to create a masterful body of work.

    The North Carolina Artist Is On Another Level

    via Observer

    Not everyone can be on Mavi’s level. The North Carolina artist disappeared from the spotlight for 2 years and still maintained his mega star status. Additionally, he’s only dropped a handful of music offerings and has drawn in millions of streams.

    In addition to having a successful music career, he also has a degree in Biology from Howard University. Carrying himself as an avid political theorist, he holds steadfast his beliefs about the ever-changing world about him. To top everything off, he’s an independent artist who can financially support his rap career.

    There’s so many great qualities about Mavi that he’s too good to be true. It’s no wonder he’s considered a unicorn in the rap scene. Be sure to catch more music from the North Carolina artist who’s clearly a GOAT to these other up and coming emcees.



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