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Nonso Amadi: The One Good Thing in Pandora’s Box

That night was just like any other night, except for I found something special—or rather someone. And thankfully, it happened when it did, for I was all out of complimentary skips. I believe the station was Tory Lanez, and I had probably heard each song one hundred times, plus once more. But this song was unlike the rest. I’d never heard it before, but I immediately sunk into it.

First came the beat, which built up like kernels exposed to high heat, before unleashing a sweet cluster of lyrics known as “Tonight.” As the song played out, an incessant need to know more grew. So, at the first sign of light, I made it my business to seek out the 23-year-old—and I did!

His name is Nonso Amadi, and I found him thanks to Pandora.

photo courtesy of Instagram

“Being an artist means I’m able to be a therapist for others that can’t express themselves in the same way. There’s a whole lot more to it, but this is the most primary meaning for me, because it means I can directly affect people’s lives just using words and melodies,” he says. “I tend to write most of my songs from a submissive stand-point, I think it holds a higher emotional value that way.”

In just two months of it’s release, “No Crime,” Amadi’s latest track, is climbing to nearly 200,000 streams. It’s an impressive feat for someone who, after recently receiving their masters degree in Engineering Design, decided to pursue a career in music.

The Afro-fusion artist recalls times when he wasn’t sure if what he was doing was enough. “I’d say it’s been a progressive and incremental growth with its ups and downs, certainly deserving a documentary of some sort,” he says. “There’s been a lot of times that I doubted myself, as is usual with many creatives.” Though, despite his occasional bouts of doubt, Amadi finds himself on the cusp of firing an artillery loaded with new music. He’s keeping everything top secret, but he made it clear that he’s got way too much music for just one project. He admitted that he may have to make a few collaborative tapes, just to compensate for the heavy volume of new projects sitting in his lap.

photo courtesy of Instagram

Compared to some of his earlier music like “Kwasia,” “Aika,” and “Long Live the Queen,” the Toronto based musician, has been playing more with his artistry. During the interview, he says, “I think you get to hear me experiment some new and exciting genres. I try expanding my catalogue by reaching out to other audiences.” As an emerging artist, originally from Nigeria, Amadi seems to have a good idea of where he’d like to see himself within the next five-to-10 years—and how to get there. With a strong sense of maturity, sometimes lost in new artists his age, he gives credit to the company he keeps. He emphasizes how “without some sort of mentor or good knowledge of the industry,” it’s nearly impossible for a new artist to “navigate” their surroundings. The times that he doesn’t have a mentor, he educates himself by watching interviews and documentaries. One of his favorites is a clip of Patrick Stewart advising Michael Dappah on how to remain fearless.

Amadi sees fear as a crutch, which helped lead to the next question.

“Is your fear of flying something that you’ve outgrown in order to advance in your career as an artist?”

He laughed while answering. “I still don’t like flying, but I’ve had to do it a lot more these days. He clarified that it isn’t so much fear, but rather an ongoing feeling of inconvenience. Fortunately, he’s learning to tolerate it, because his fans want to see him. “I need to go to South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Sweden, Paris to name a few,” he admits. “These are my top streaming countries, that I’ve never set foot in.” Lately, though, he’s been spotted on the road a lot, performing and engaging with his fans.

It’s with ample amount of prayer, rest, and the daily grind, that there’ll be nothing to stop him from reaching those places…or outperforming his 10-year plan.

“God says there’s going to be a level up, so let’s look out for that,” he says.

photo courtesy of Instagram


Fast Cash Boyz Enjoy The Bright Lights in “New York Nights”

Memphis based rap group, Fast Cash Boyz are here with their last music video of the year! After recently visiting the concrete jungle the group decided to show their newfound love for NYC with the official video for their FCB Too Bangin featured track, “New York Nights”. FCB is currently working on new music and something very exclusive that’s about to flood the streets
Stream the visual below as the four-man group enjoys the big city and bright lights.

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Kodak Black Walked Out To Avoid Sexual Assault Question

Kodak Black
The Source

Kodak Black is not ready to share his testimony. He went as far as walking out an interview with Ebro in The Morning about sexual assault…

While promoting his new album Dying to Love on Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning,” Kodak Black was questioned about a sticky topic. Just fifteen minutes into the interview, Ebro brought up Kodak’s sexual assault case and let’s just say that things went south!

We take sexual assault here serious and we can’t get into details, but we hope to have you back so we can have a deeper conversation about that.

Although his co-host, Peter Rosenberg, attempted to change the subject, it did not take well. In a response to the moon landing, Kodak stated: “What the fuck Y’all talkin ’bout?… I feel sometimes when ni**as like me goin’ through shit, Y’all be entertained by bullshit.”

So what do you all think? Should Ebro have asked a question regarding sexual assault? Or should Kodak Black have owned his truth and answered the question?

Please comment below and in other Hip-Hop news, culture, and gossip, stay tuned!

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Living Good with Janelle Monae In “Crazy, Classic, Life”

Featured Image Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Living in 2018 can be a true challenge as an artist!!

The multi-talented artist is on a roll in regards to the world of entertainment.

A few weeks ago, Monae’s production company “Wondaland Productions” landed a multi-million dollar deal with Universal Pictures.

2018 has been a great year for Janelle Monae as in April she released the album “Dirty Computer”, and still is hot as the day it came out.

In conclusion, Monae is back with the single Crazy, Classic, life. Watch the new video below:

Tell us what you think, leave your comments below.


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