Nocs Atelier’s Unisex Seconds GMT


Nocs Atelieru 2019s Unisex Seconds-1
Who ever said men and women cant wear the same things? Especially when it’s a stylish wrist-watch that looks damn good and costs only a mere $148.00 USD? (For now at least)

Introducing Noc Atelier’s Unisex Seconds GMT.

Here’s a few specs:

Two case diameter options: 36mm and 400mm, sapphire crystal lens, Italian-made eco-conscious microfibre wristbands, refined three piece construction.

Made for those who want to travel the globe and keep great time while doing so.

To secure a Seconds GMT, make your early-bird pledge.

Images courtesy of Nocs Atelier

Nocs Atelier’s Unisex Seconds-2


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