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    No More Interviews: Beyonce Ain’t Here For The Sit Down

    It’s a sad day for the Beehive and anyone who believes they could one day talk to the Queen.

    While anyone would love to sit and talk with Beyonce, those days are over! According to Hollywood Unlocked, she will not be doing any interviews anytime soon. But, this is like the pop-star to skip the normal parameters of the industry. If you recall, back in 2015, Bey was the first-ever Vogue cover star to skip a sit-down interview. And her publicist, Yvette Noel-Shure spilled the tea!

    Noel-Shure and Bey’s relationship goes back to the days of Destiny’s Child. And even then, her protective nature was always at an all-time high.

    “People started saying, ‘Do you think I can just do an interview with Beyoncé? Just Kelly?’ No, it’s a group.”

    But, Noel’s perspective on interviews is interesting.

    “I don’t know that any artist owes someone a sit-down interview, honestly, now. Politicians, yes. I feel like what artists owe their audiences is a really good performance.”

    And although while we may not get an actual interview, Noel-Shure can assure that fans get more than enough from her music. She states:

    “I think people have to respect an artist who often does a lot of talking with the content, with the music. Some people actually say a little bit too much. The music, the content that we consume, doesn’t live up to all the controversy that you create. I think I sort of like what my client does, and that she has leveled the playing field so fans, as well as critics, get it at the same time.”

    So, what do you all think? Should artists take a page out of Bey’s book and be exclusive? Or should artists talk more? Please drop a comment below and for more breaking news, keep it locked to!

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