Man Hit During Nipsey Hussle Execution Kerry Lathan Cleared Of Charges

Everyone in the world of entertainment is still in disbelief over the fact that Nipsey is gone. His legacy will be one filled with change and positivity.

In the wake of his death, plenty of people are still hurting over the fact that the Father, and entrepreneur is dead. Nipsey‘s death leaves a large gap in regards to one that was influential in the culture of minorities. Just recently the West Coast rapper was murdered in front of his own establishment. During that time his friend Kerry Lathan was there at the horrific scene.

Nipsey Hussle Kerry Lathan

Overall, Lathan’s release from serving a 25-year sentence followed with bad luck. Lathan who is now 56 years old was released with specific terms surrounding being a free man. One which included that he would distance himself from any gang-related affiliations. Many believe that Nipsey was apart of the Crips, “Rollin 60’s”. The fresh out of jail inmate was meeting with Nipsey just after getting out. Kerry was hit during the shooting that ultimately would be the execution of the beloved artist.

After being shot, the 56-year-old was arrested after breaching parole in the California detention center. Following everything being cleared up, all charges were dropped. It was confirmed that the man did not have any association with the overall issue.

Is Kerry Lathan free from danger? Do you think it was something more with Nipsey Hussle Kerry Lathan that’s not exposed? Could it have been set up?

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