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Nipsey Hussle’s Execution Show Clear Signs Of Government Hit??

Denise Poon/CBS2

Just a couple of days since Nipsey Hussle’s execution and many people still have plenty of unanswered questions.

Sunday night the world lost more than just a rapper. Nipsey was a man of knowledge and wanted to share what he knew with the world. Frequently the L.A. rapper promoted the thought of urban neighborhoods becoming an ecosystem for black businesses. Furthermore, throughout his interview, many compared his energy to that the slain west coast elite rapper known as Tupac. Many ties both to possible government hits.

While plenty of people think that it’s just simple gun violence, others believe otherwise. Overall, one of which is a conspiracy theory surrounding Dr. Sebai The young mogul was in the process of finishing a documentary surrounding a proven cure of diseases such as aids. Dr. Sebai did not have a medical license, however, he was able to prove that he was able to cure people with a healthy lifestyle. Yesterday afternoon, it was reported that Nipsey Hussle’s killer was allegedly caught in  L.A. suburban area. Media outlets are reporting that the killer knew Nipsey personal. In addition, an alleged dispute is what sparked the shooting.

The rapper has never been a bitch when it comes to brawling. However, in many cases, he always looked to be peaceful. In addition, back in September, a shooting took place outside his Boutique shop. Regardless of being surrounded by danger, Nipsey had plenty to live for. Above all, with the death of the rapper, some believe that his death will discourage people to share knowledge.  If Dr. Sebi documentary is released it has the potential for the pharmaceutical industry to lose Trillions if not more.

Do you believe it’s a government hit? Will the documentary ever be released? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

Featured Image Credit: Denise Poon/CBS2

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