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    The Family War Brewing Over Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Worth Potential Millions!!

    The drama in Nipsey Hussle’s family continues, with little to no resolve what so ever.

    If you’ve been following the world of media, then you know that Nipsey Hussle’s family is currently at war. The late rapper died earlier this year, leaving the hip-hop community in sorrow after his passing. Since then the overall message has been that the urban community has to come together to do better. That being the case, plenty is looking to follow in the footsteps of Nipsey, and build empires and give back to their communities.

    Nipsey Hussle Estate

    Furthermore, despite a great legacy left behind Nipsey family has an internal war brewing. At the moment one of the late rapper’s baby mama, Tanisha Foster is at odds with Nipsey‘s sister. Both of them are fighting over Nipsey’s daughter Emani. Samantha Smith, Nipsey’s sister, feel as though Foster is unfit to care for her niece. Recently Emani went to spend time with her auntie, and Samantha refused to return her to her mother.

    Tanisha is not giving up without a fight and is taking the battle onto social media. The main controversy is behind whoever ultimately cares for Emani. The guardian would be entitled to overlook half of Nipsey‘s fortune that goes to his daughter. At the moment it’s estimated that the rapper’s estate has more accrued more than $10 Million in merchandise.

    Do you think they should be fighting over Nipsey Hussle estate? Will they be able to come to a resolution? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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